AppGallery & Halloween Sale 2020

AppGallery & Halloween Sale 2020

Thursday, Oct 29, 2020 · 2 min read · 225 words

Over the last month I have released updates for all my applications: the new generation of Skit 2.0 and minor updates to Castro 4.0.5 & Graphie 1.3.2. In addition to other changes, special lines were made to all applications and now they are collected separately for AppGallery.


All apps have already been added to AppGallery and can be downloaded from there. Also all marketing screenshots in both stores have been updated.

I have compiled answers to questions that you may have:

How quickly will updates be released? Updates will be released simultaneously in both stores.

Will the builds from different stores have the same functionality? Not really, since some devices no longer use Google Services, some features will not be available: advertising notifications and checking for app updates. In the future, I will add full Huawei Service integration to the AppGallery build and these features will become available.

Can I use AppGallery on non-Huawei devices? Yes, just download the APK from the official site and you can download my apps from there.

What are the prices for the Premium version of my apps? The prices are exactly the same as on Google Play.

Halloween Sale 2020

Since Halloween is almost here, all apps got a -50% discount on their Premium versions, and Graphie also got this discount!

Skit Premium | Castro Premium | Graphie