Castro Progress Report: April 2019

Castro Progress Report: April 2019

Friday, Apr 12, 2019 · 3 min read · 472 words

Moving on, after the release of a large update 3.0 a month later, I release the next update - 3.1, which contains even more information, updates for Premium users and event more features. Let’s start!

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Detailed changelog



Many users asked to revert one feature from Castro 2.0, called System settings, which made it possible to open the system settings directly from the categories in the program. This function returns in this update.

Memory's settings

Also, I am finally enabling support for Cloud Messaging in this update, this means that users will be notified about any important news, sale promotions or any other updates via notifications. I am not going make ads from this, just to inform users.

You can save graphs states in Sensor details screen in Gallery for later usage.

Save button


Added new screen - Applications hub. It’s contains information about all my applications and currently there is my new application in beta - Skit, check it out.

Also, all links in application’s settings updated from my public GitHub repository to my new personal site and you are reading this blog on it already.


Screen tester tool gets new customization option - Coordinates. This option will draw coordinates of every touch on the screen, which will gave even more information about your device’s screen.


There are also some improvements for Premium users. I have added new power saving mode for Speed monitor, which will turn notification off, when battery of the device will be low. This will help save a little more charge when needed. Also, click on notification will redirect you to configuration page now.

Battery saver


In this update I am adding long awaited information category - DRM. It will contain information about Widevine DRM and PlayReady DRM with ClearKey DRM in future. Castro will provide information about vendor, version, algorithms, security level and even more.


System category also getting some update, it will now have new sub-category - Virtual machine, which contains information about virtual machine, runtime environment and totaly new information - Heap sizes. It is special memory allocated for virtual machine of your device.


There are not many updates in design in this version. For Premium users I have added new theme - Olive, which is part of dark themes pack. Thanks to the customization system introduced in the last update, I am going to release new themes (light and dark) in each update.

New theme - Olive

What’s next?

This and probably next month I will be working more on Skit, I want to move it in release really soon and then Castro and Skit will be updated by turns. If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving my applications, then I am always ready to listen to you on