Beta testing - Graphie

Beta testing - Graphie

Tuesday, Oct 22, 2019 · 2 min read · 276 words

Today, I am starting beta-testing of my new application - Graphie in private mode. Here, I will be sharing early versions of new features. I’d love for you to jump in, get early access, and tell me what you think!

I have described some details in this post, but you will have to reveal more details yourself during beta testing, so I hope to see you there :)

How to get into Beta?


How to send reports/feedback?

All feedback or bug reports can be sent to

Why not in Google Play?

Graphie will be available in Google Play after beta-testing finished. As I said previously, it will be paid-only and to create beta-testing in Google Play I have to place price at first and this means you will have to buy an application at first. So I decided to make the beta available for everyone.

What is still not finished?

What about rewards?

The most active users who provide the most interesting ideas (or important error reports) will receive a promotional code to activate the final version in Google Play after testing.

How new beta-builds will be distributed?

I am going to upload new builds on the beta-testing page on my site and beta users will receive notifications, that new build is available. Also, there is a label, stating the latest build version on this page.

I will update this FAQ during beta testing.