Let's talk about updates support

Let's talk about updates support

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020 · 2 min read · 340 words

Since I am a lone developer who prototypes, develops, and launches all applications completely by myself, sooner or later there had to come to a point when it was necessary to choose which applications to support further and which not. At the moment, I have created 4 applications - Castro, Skit, Graphie, and Rekado (I did not talk about this application too much because it is very specific). Some applications have already grown into the entity that I originally conceived them, and my other ideas cannot be implemented due to lack of time. So I made the decision to split all my current and future apps into 3 categories - “High priority”, “Low priority” and “Support”.

High priority

As the name suggests, this is a category of applications that will receive updates as before. This category currently includes only one application - Skit.

Low priority

Here everything is a little more complicated, applications that still have a little functionality that I promised and that need to be completed fell into this category. These apps will receive their own updates, but not as often as the rest of the others. Castro and Graphie fell into this category.


This is the category for apps that will no longer receive major functional updates. But this does not mean that they will be completely left without updating, I will try to fix bugs, add new localizations and add support for new versions of Android so that all users who want to use the application can do it without problems. At the moment, only Rekado has fallen into this category so far.

Some insides

As some of you know, I already announced that I am working on a huge update for Skit, but I also completed a prototype of a new application that will be used for relaxation and meditation. I also want to announce that Castro will later receive another major update, after which it will most likely move to the Support category, but will still receive a database update with new devices.