The next generation of Skit

The next generation of Skit

Monday, Oct 19, 2020 · 4 min read · 716 words

The second half of this year will mark the release of new generations of my main applications - Castro and Skit. But I already showed and released Castro, so it’s time to talk about Skit.

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Detailed changelog


In this update, I heavily reworked the functionality associated with extracting applications and updated the tools with new ones.

Extraction process

You may have noticed that previously when extracting some applications, you might receive an APK file that cannot be used for installation. All of this was due to the use of a new setup file format called “App Bundle” (or “Split APK”). It consists of many APK files that are collected in one archive. I am happy to say that Skit now successfully extracts and packs such files for you. However, I want to note that at the moment Skit is not able to install or analyze such files, this functionality will appear in updates later. You can use the SAI app to install such files.

Android 11

This update adds full support for Android 11, as well as all the new information that is available to users of this version, namely:

Smaller changes

This update also introduces a lot of changes that I can’t really categorize.

Apps list The “Simple backup” tool has been renamed to the “Apps list”. It doesn’t change its essence, it just makes understanding what it does a little easier. But there are also several improvements in this tool: when deleting files, a confirmation dialog appeared and it became possible to import the lists that you extracted earlier.

Manifest The “Manifest” component has added full syntax highlighting support and asynchronous loading to improve the performance of this screen.



I already presented you with a completely updated version of my theme engine, Penza, when I released the big updates for Castro and Graphie. But this time I made some minor changes to the use of fonts, information dialogs, and bottom dialogs.

In addition, all the changes previously made to Castro are also present here, namely: new icons, card designs, and much more. Full support for “Edge-to-Edge” systems is also available here and is available for Android 10 and newer. Two more innovations that were not available in my other applications are the updated animation system, which has become much smoother and the “Follow system” theme control mode is set by default for everyone.

All-new design features will be carried over to my other applications by the end of the year.


What’s next?

Update already available to download from the Google Play - Skit and Skit Premium.

I would like to take a little rest now, then I will port all design improvements in Castro and Graphie and will start prototyping my next app, which is a total secret now :)

As always, I invite you to send a description of all the problems you may encounter by e-mail: or join a group in Telegram, where I always answer user questions and participate in the discussion of applications.