Progress report: December 2020

Progress report: December 2020

Thursday, Dec 10, 2020 · 4 min read · 735 words


Earlier this year, there was a huge update for Skit - 2.0 “Odin”. It came out big and brought a lot of changes for users. But as it turned out a little later, these changes also introduced minor problems, namely performance problems and problems with people understanding of “.apks” files and “App Bundle” apps. These are the issues that I decided to focus on in update 2.1 “Frigg”.


I slightly reworked the mechanism for loading applications and saving their icons to the memory cache. This made loading applications a little faster, especially if you have more than 150 of them. Also, the initial loading mechanism was changed to speed-up loading. Now only custom (installed) apps will be loaded natively. If you also need system applications, just enable their loading in the settings dialog. This also includes facilitating the exchange of data between screens, which should speed them up.

I have not finished optimizing the application and work in this direction will still be carried out in the future.

Apps list

View apps list dialog

This tool has undergone improvements and bug fixes. It includes:

Other changes and fixes

RAM category


New big update for Castro - 4.1 “Prophet” mainly brings fixes for most of the known bugs, as well as a new tool for all users - the “Noise Meter”.

Noise checker

Noise checker

This new tool helps all users to check noise in the environment around you. It measures noise in decibels and also shows the maximum and minimum noise since the beginning of the recording. This tool does not save or send any records to third parties or even me. Measurements can also be viewed in a graph on the same screen.

Other changes and fixes

New icons


Also closer to Christmas, the last sale of this year will take place and all my applications will receive a 50 percent discount on Google Play. So if you wanted to buy one of my apps, now is the best time to do so!