Progress report: January 2021

Progress report: January 2021

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021 · 2 min read · 300 words


Skit | Skit Premium

The first big update for Skit, numbered 2.2, is here and the main change is the new “Apps usage” tool. I think some of you sometimes wondered how much time you spend in this or that application, how much Internet it consumes, and so on. This is where the new tool will help you.

In addition, several interface improvements were made, namely: a new design of the “Themes” window and the “Jungle” theme was replaced with “Retro”.

Most important bugs that you reported to me were also fixed and performance improved:

Other apps

All my other apps, namely Castro, Graphie and Rekado, also received their small updates, which included all the design changes from Skit, as well as bug fixes.


Castro | Castro Premium