Progress report: March 2021

Progress report: March 2021

Thursday, Apr 1, 2021 · 3 min read · 482 words


Castro | Castro Premium

This month, Castro received a new “Nomad” update that adds search across all information and fixes many bugs in the app’s functionality and design.

At the moment, the application already has a lot of information about all aspects of the application and it can be quite difficult to find what you need. That is why a search bar was added to the main screen of the app, which allows you to find any information from any module (except for “Sensors” and “Codecs”) and immediately go to the screen with this information.


I hope this helps you find the information you are interested in faster.

Other changes

A new power-saving option has been added to the “Network traffic monitor” tool - “Battery Saver”. It allows you to turn notification on and off based on whether power-saving mode is enabled on the device.

Battery Saver power-saving option

Also, all notifications from the tools in Castro: have been divided into their groups, this allows you to separately disable notifications from the widget so that they do not interfere with you, but at the same time do not turn off the “Network traffic monitor”. Besides this, I have added an informational dialog to the “CPU Monitor” tool, which notifies the user about the ability to use this tool on devices with hidden/locked system files, that are required for this tool to work.


Project Tilla

Also, I am ready to talk a little about my future project, on which I have been working for a long time - “Project Tilla”. At the moment, I still have nothing to show you, since the design is not yet complete, but I can tell you what this application is all about. Tilla is an app for keeping track of your paid subscriptions. With it, you can track your spending on various subscriptions, receive notifications about upcoming payment deadlines, and much more. And all this, as always, without ads and garbage.

Very soon I will begin to reveal more details about this application and news about closed beta testing is not far off too, so subscribe to my Twitter or the group with discussions on Telegram to stay informed.