Progress report: November 2019

Progress report: November 2019

Tuesday, Nov 26, 2019 · 2 min read · 364 words


This month I started open testing my new application - Graphie and today (November 26), a full release of the application in Google Play took place for 1.49 dollars. Unlike my past applications, this is distributed according to the scheme of only one paid application. But at the same time, the price is reduced compared to Castro Premium and Skit Premium. This will help me focus on developing all the features for all users, without gradations.

Buy Graphie

What is Graphie?

Graphie is a gallery app with a focus on metadata management (EXIF). It allows you to edit, clear metadata, as well as search for a location, extract colors and much more. I will leave all the details for you, so go for it!


This month I started developing the next version of Castro - 3.4. This update focuses on improving the entire set of information, removing unused features and introducing design updates from Graphie. This means new, two-tone, icons and updates design of dialogs and some screens coming to Castro too.

Since the development has just begun, I don’t have anything to tell you about yet, more details next month.


Already last week I released the first beta version of the new Skit - 1.5. It includes a new tool - “Simple backup”, which allows you to save selected applications in a simple list and then view it. This will help users when moving from one device to another.

Simple backup

Like Castro, here comes an update to the Graphie level of design with new icons, an updated design for the Statistics, Themes, and About Graphie windows and a new design for some dialogs. This update also aims to fix bugs. I tried to improve all the problems that I noticed and that you sent me.

What is next?

Next month I plan to launch a new version of Castro in a beta branch and continue polishing and working on Graphie. So expect new information in the future!

Holidays are coming soon, so you can expect a new sale of Skit and Castro closer to Christmas, so if you have long wanted to buy them, now is the best time.