Skit Progress Report: August 2019

Skit Progress Report: August 2019

Friday, Aug 23, 2019 · 3 min read · 552 words

New major release coming to Skit after a short break and it is 1.4 Emily. It contains new application’s size calculation, further improvements in application’s settings, a bunch of performance improvements and many other smaller things, so let’s get started!

As always, you can download Basic version or buy Premium visiting links below:

Skit | Skit Premium

Detailed changelog


The main feature of this update is new mechanisms for calculating the application’s size, which allows Skit to detect the size of “Data” and “Cache” of any application. The bad news is that it can be used only on Android Oreo devices or newer and you should grant special permission in System Settings of the device. I have created small help for you, if you wish to grant this permission you should go to Skit’s settings and find there new section “Permissions”, which can navigate you to the special section of System Settings and there you should only allow permission for Skit.

Control of package statistics permission

This action should be performed only one time and after that Skit will have the ability to detect all memory, that application occupies. But for users of older Android versions, there is a small surprise, Skit can calculate the size of “Splits” APKs, that installed separately of basic APK and contains additional features.

New memory information

In this update, I have added the last highly requested “displaying” and “sorting” mode - “By size”. Thanks to new size calculation mechanisms it can be used by all users, but if you have Android O and granted special permission for reading applications statistics, this data will be filled not only with APK sizes but with “data” and “cache” too.

I have also made some changes under the hood in the application’s initialization, icons loading and statistics building process that should slightly improve the performance of Applications and Statistics screens.


The main change in the design system of Skit is the availability of the “Dark” theme for all users, not only Premium. This means all users now can set the “Dark” theme in Settings, but all other themes and all future themes will remain Premium-only.

Dark theme for Basic users

Also, I have updated the design of the “Search” button with expandable text and the design of dialog was updated too to respect the device’s size and build UI properly.


The main change in information is made for Premium users. Previously, Skit could show only the counter of successfully or error deleted/extracted applications, but now I have updated the overhaul design of this dialog and added lists of successfully or error deleted/extracted applications.

New results window