What are the system requirements of the program?

Android 5.0 (API 21) and above.

Why are there two Skit applications?

There are two versions of Skit - Basic and Premium. Premium version has extra features, that aren’t available in the basic version. The Premium version of Skit is a standalone application.

What is the difference between Basic and Premium version?

The Premium version enables such features:

I am constantly expanding the capabilities of the Premium version of the application, so buying it once, you will get all the features in the future.

What will happen if I will change my device?

When you purchase Skit Premium, in Google Play, it will be assigned to your Google account. If you use the same Google account on a new or factory reset device, you will have access to all previous purchases.

Why aren’t most features available for system applications?

Almost all the functionality for system applications cannot work without root access. This is really necessary because uninstalling system applications can disrupt the operating system.

Perhaps in the future, I will add support for these features for advanced users. Follow the news.

When will the Split APKs support appear?

This feature became available with 2.0 update. At the moment you can only extract such applications in the .APKS format, which is fully compatible with SAI. Installation of such applications through the Skit will be added later.