Privacy Policy

The following information applies to Tilla.

Name of the controller - Pavel Rekun
Address - Keletskya Street 126a, Ukraine, Vinnytsya
Email -

Data collection

The Tilla app does not collect user confidential data. The only data that is collected for debugging the application is provided by you through the feedback form included in the application.

Developer do not collect personal information such as email addresses, your name, address, etc.

Additionally, Firebase counts the number of active users and how often they use the app. No other information is collected.

How do we use the collected information?

The tracking information allows to better understand the kind of people who use the app and optimize its functionality and user experience to their needs. Crash reports provided by Fabric are used to improve the stability and performance of the application.

Occasionally, we will compile aggregated statistics about the number of users this app has and devices being used. No personally identifying data is included in this type of reporting.

All of the activity falls within the bounds of the FIREBASE ANALYTICS TERMS OF SERVICE and FABRIC TERMS OF SERVICE.

What does Firebase Analytics record?

What does Fabric record?

Each time the application crashes (i.e. force closes) your device collects anonymous data, which helps to resolve the problem. This data includes:

Required permissions

Tilla requests following permissions on your device: